Flyer for Kim in London for a gig she’s putting on.  Duck skeletons are actually kind of tricky to draw, believe it or not.


Spent this afternoon working on some watercolour pieces to use as postcards.  Watched a pretty rad documentary on Blade Runner last night and recently Chris introduced me to the podcast, ‘This American Life’ and Harry Shearer’s one too.  The former had me near welling up for a story it featured about some parents dealing with autistic children and the latter is like listening to Kent Brockman all day.  In other words, amazing.



3 Responses to “Flyer”

  1. I love This American Life! I’m still getting caught up on podcasts from the summer and tour.

  2. It’s so good! I can’t, however, figure out how to get the Rick Emerson podcasts over here. I think you have to pay if you’re outside the USA.

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