Monday April 11th

Thought I’d upload some doodles from the sketchbook I carry around with me.  If anyone followed the guest blog spot I had on Creative Nottingham recently, you might recognize these…

Attended a gig at the sumac center at the weekend which was grand.  What wasn’t so great was having some idiot pretty much collapse in a drunk stupor on my table of zines with blood pissing all out his nose after some adventures in the dance floor.  The same guy started flailing his boots around to attempt to kick me as I pushed him away.  I’m sure the event was just a series of colours, shapes and sounds for him, his eyes were glazed over and I’d noticed him playing up earlier on.  It made me reconsider whether it’s worth having a zine distro at certain gigs anymore, but maybe it’s just a bad experience.  We’ll see…


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