…Was amazing.  Had so much fun touring with Thou, Mitch kept a video diary which you can watch in parts on youtube.  Here’s the first installment.

Last night was Drunk in Hell and Endless Grinning Skulls.  Stormbringer had to pull out but it was still a great gig.  I experimented in between bands by playing some slightly less raucous sounding music from my ipod.  It’s sometimes a little too much when you’ve just finished watching a loud performance and then immediately afterwards your ears are assaulted by some ridiculously over-produced heavy metal or what have you.  I got at least a couple of nods in approval when Duran Duran and The Church came on after EGS (The Donnie Darko soundtrack I downloaded came in use after all, I thought it was going to be the score).  I can’t say i’m a huge fan of 80’s pop music but it definitely made a change.

Here’s a flyer for the next gig I’m putting on.  Mouth and Valhalla Pacifists you might know are from Leeds and both play blisteringly fast thrash.  They’re also good friends so I’ll be glad to see them all again.  Wolfbeast Destroyer are from my hometown of Boston, Lincolnshire and are fine purveyors of the genre known as ‘Motor-crust’.  My brother, Joe, plays drums in them too.  I believe they will have a new record for sale so you should probably buy it.


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