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Rum Lad #9 – Out now!

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This short issue features a visual diary of the brief Moloch/Cloud Rat Summer UK Tour, 2015. It featuring thrashing a plenty, plus the usual meandering around places like Sherwood forest, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Beaches, Leeds and London. Read what it’s like to travel for hours cramped in a car to play a loud set of 20 minutes to a buncha gnarly punk rockers.
If you fancy one, paypal £2.20 to (if you’re based in the UK), buy it directly from my etsy shop (Better for International folk) –, or buy one from  The Music Exchange in Notts. I’ll also have them on me at gigs. Yeyur!

– A5 (8″ x 5.5″)
– 8 pages.
– Printed on 80gsm recycled paper.
– Any questions, get in touch.



Here’s the original illo –



Dawn of the Unread!

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Here’s a comic I drew for ‘Dawn of the Unread’, an interactive Graphic Novel about combating library closures and illiteracy with help from beyond the grave!  I was paired up with author, Alan Gibbons and we came up with this 8-page comic, called ‘Books and Bowstrings’, which can be viewed in full, for free – here!


A printed version will appear later in the year n’all.

Sneak peek from Rum Lad#6

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Here’s a sneak peek from the newly released Rum Lad#6/Gadgie#31 zine.  Pick one up here!

sneaaaky sneakpeak2

A new zine! Rum Lad#6/Gadgie#31 – The Rum Gadgie.

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One side is Rum Lad, flip it over, and then the other side is Gadgie. BAM!


Rum Lad #6 is my illustrated comic-zine.  In this issue I talk about growing up in, and then leaving Boston, Lincs. I cover things ranging from exploring the town itself, discovering an amazing punk scene on my doorstep and learning to define what ‘home’ means. First issue in 3 years!

Gadgie #31 is a long running, legendary punk zine by Marv Gadgie. If you’re familiar with his work, you know to expect hilarious observations and anecdotes that revolve around small town life, childhood adventures, having a family and beyond. This issue features interviews with ‘Hard Lines’ Productions (Makers of the great ‘Punk football’ documentary’), tales from the pit and some reviews.

– £3.00
– A5 sized, Card covers.
– 56 pages (28 each side).

Buy Here!